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About I_Found_my_child

christmas_miracle started this conversation

I found my child after 10 years her father abducted her. She has given me a Christmas list that there is no way I can get it all.  I have got just about everything but a pair of shoes she really wants.  How can I not get them and live with the guilt.  I was injured at work and fighting workmans compensation right now so money it very tight.  So if anyone out there wants to give a gift to a very special child let me know and I can send the link to the shoes she wants.  My daughter is now 14.  I dont want to shed anymore tears another Christmas.  I have shed so many tears for the last 10 years each holiday I want this one to be the best ever.

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I just read your post, I haven't been on here for long... I do hope your daughter got the shoes she so desired, but don't feel you have to buy her love... I am sure she is happy to be home with you, Shoes are not the issue right now...

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